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In this month may the Lord show up and show off for you. The number 10 is a number for government, law, order and restoration. I believe you will experience grace in all these areas in this new season.

Nearing the end of the year, I have realized that we are fatigued and most of us are operating at minus 0%. It is my prayer that a refreshing from heaven will fall upon you and give you renewed strength and vigor. According to Scripture, He refreshes our souls, and I know many of you need a little extra grace to get through this year and some of you need a turnaround in some situations you've dealt with lately.

I want you to be encouraged, to keep holding on to the horns of the altar - it is not in Gods nature to withhold Himself from you, He will show up! Stay at the feet of Jesus abandon yourself in His presence, throw the mess at His feet and leave it there. I assure you if you stay long enough help will come.

Reminder on this months books and topics:


1,2,3 John



Trials and tribulations



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