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Welcome to the New month

Grace and peace to you beloved, Happy new month - may the new season be filled with new opportunities, new dimensions in God and may it be one where you march straight into success in all the goals you've set out for yourself.

I want to encourage you as you continue to study the word of God and seek Him, I've mentioned this before that it does get difficult at times, however make that effort scripture says that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. This walk is not for actors it is a walk that will require your diligence and commitment. Sit down with the word, follow teaching ministries and learn, do not go to prayer rally's only, attend teaching session's too.

This will be of great assistance to you, because what you seek will frustrate you if you do not know how to relate with it, If you want to see manifestations of the spirit get intimate with the word, it is not about memorizing scripture but it is about being intentional with your bible study time not just as quiet times but as building times - times set aside to add to the muscle of your spirit man.

Be adamant to cut out lack of understanding intentionally and give attention to sound doctrine, you can pray for long but if you do not have accurate understanding, you will not be able to enter into the things that you prayed for Hallelujah.

Just a reminder on the books and topics we are looking at this month, we will focus on the following:







Chat to you soon Shalom

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