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Welcome to the month of June

Family may this month mark the beginning of fulfillment in your life, may the season deliver to you the promises the Lord whispered. May those opportunities and open doors you've been seeking unlock themselves at your sight, may you step over the threshold into your Rehoboth. The grace is available says the Spirit of the Lord.

Beloved Scripture says "Arise and Shine for your light has come”, often times when the light dawns in our lives it reveals areas that we do not want to be seen and sometimes areas that are our blind spots, and just like Paul, God intercepts our journeys into Damascus by the appearance of light, and that light does not often make us shine at that moment. It is a light that conquers us first.

The conquering process is never easy, however the vessel God uses is one that has been submitted to Him and emptied of self. I want to encourage you today and say Never let the length of your process cause you to quit. Yes!, Jospeh went to prison but he did not stay there forever and Jesus truly hung on the cross but He wasn't there forever. Hallelujah

Here are the books and Topics for the month.


1 & 2 Peter



Making Godly decisions


Chat soon Shalom

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