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There is a time and season for everything under the sun

Family you see, this thing that we call TIME is a tool that reveals things. Daniel found himself in Babylon, in the midst of a civilization that was not submitted to God's kingdom. He was asked to feed on a kind of food which was called "the portion of the King's meat"; a provision that was already offered to idols.

Daniel had proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself. He asked the official whose care he was in to give them vegetables and he asked to be proven after ten days. In other words, GIVE US Time. At the end of the ten days, WE WILL KNOW WHO WAS TRULY EATING.

Others may feed on diets that are not healthy to their Christian walk. They can go into spiritism and soul travel, others may dabble in ancestory worship and ritual practices, they can add New Age realities to the hallowed doctrines of God... but GIVE US TIME. Time will reveal who is really growing in Lord. Jesus told a parable of a farmer who sowed a field and left, only to discover that his enemy came to sow tares. When his servants asked him whether to uproot the tares, He said no!! Why? Because the resemblance between the tares and the wheat could make one take the wheat for the tare and mistakenly uproot the wheat. So he said wait!! In other words, give them time.

One day a harvest season will come, and guess what: no matter how long the tares stays around, it's end is fire. The tares may resemble the wheat, but resemblance does not makes it authentic. It may take long before God comes in with his dividing knife but we should not take God's PATIENCE for APPROVAL. God will give clear separation between the wheat and the tare... He comes as a devouring fire, to burn off the tare and preserve the wheat. He will come as a sanctifier, to sanctify His church.


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