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Holding on to Hope

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

That we survived something does not mean that we didn't experience damage.

Acknowledging that we were damaged is the beginning of healing. Committing to growth after trauma is the only way a better version of us can emerge. The issue is not the trauma, the challenge is how we respond to it... fail forward.

We will not grow if we withdraw after experiencing the heartbreak of failure, or of any sort. Growth is the response we give to every defeating experience... this is the way we come out strong.

We need to understand that if we don't become better, our world cannot become better. Your empty space in life would give someone else the permission to leave theirs empty too. So fill your space by conquering your fears and challenges; teaching others to do same too. The world awaits you.. we await your gift, value, relevance, we await your addition to the earth's sphere. Don't let your current situation weigh you down... keep growing, that's a sure code to rise.

Even in your tears, pain and struggles, keep growing.. keep giving value and blessing lives. The future may be uncertain, but stagnation should not be your response, rather, we must put our faith God and our anchor in His word, believing that He would fulfill every bit of what He has promised.

It won't take long... earth never forgets... it never forgot what Cain did. Just keep moving, reward is coming.

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