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Happy New Month

Grace and peace to you beloved of the Lord, welcome to this new season, may it be one where you rise above your setbacks and see tremendous lifting of the Lord in every area of your life.

As we continue with our month to month studies family, I want to remind you that God rewards faithfulness Matthew 25:21 says that when you are faithful in the little things God will give you the greater things. Our God is simply that good, today I want you to have a fresh outlook on the ability of God in your life, you may think your situation is permanent, you've been in it for too long, you don't see how you can rise higher. All the facts are telling you its impossible.

God is saying today "you need to get ready! where you are is not permanent I will increase you beyond your salary, what is coming is not small, it is out of the ordinary, its not mediocre!!" As a family of faith can we take a bold step and believe God for His faithfulness to bring about explosive increase in our lives. Amen.

Just a reminder on the focus books and topics for the month:





Spiritual Growth

Voice of God

Chat soon, Shalom

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