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Growth - A Kingdom Principle

I'm sure a lot of us dream about waking up and finding that we've succeeded. However, some individuals fail to recognize that the Kingdom of God is ruled by principles, one of which is GROWTH. We are aware that God is the lifter of men, but you must realize that no one appears out of thin air. Only after spending over 10 years in obscurity did the command "Hear ye Him" come to Jesus. What exactly was He doing? While He was concealed in obscurity in someplace in Nazareth. Jesus was purposefully building Himself - He grew. He INCREASED in WISDOM. He INCREASED in the ANOINTING. He INCREASED in STATURE. He INCREASED in FAVOUR.

Therefore, you must first examine His life before you can envy His fame in Galilee. You will see evidence of His labor, fasting, and labor in the word. You will see how meticulous His development was. You'll see that He didn't just appear and gain fame and the anointing.

See, they may not know you now; they didn't know Jesus too. But just keep growing.

We don't just suddenly find our way into Greatness; we Grow our way. It may not be easy but stay there. No one enjoys training however pain and pressure also births greatness.

You are loved.


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