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Come up Hither

“I call you to come even closer to Me. For there is always a higher place for you to ascend, a place where you can experience greater things in the supernatural and greater revelation directly from My throne. So never stop pressing to come up higher.” Says the Spirit of the Lord.

No matter how much we grow in the things of the Spirit, there is always more to learn. It’s astounding to think that even after the apostle John had encountered Jesus so powerfully in the first chapter of Revelation, there was more to come. The Spirit told him to come up to yet another level. There is always another place, another dimension with the Holy Spirit. I am certainly not saying that every Christian is expected to have an “apostle John experience.” However, I do know that there are always supernatural realms with God that we have yet to know.

We need to press in for these realms. While we don’t want to get unbiblical in our quest, we also don’t want to get complacent as though there is nothing left to encounter. Sometimes we have become too familiar with it, as if it is somehow old news. As we pray and press into God, we need to ask Him to show us how to go deeper in supernatural things. Honestly until we have the results we saw in the ministry of Jesus and the early apostles, we still have a long way to go! Moses parted the red sea but Jesus came to demonstrate another dimension by walking on the water,,, So make it a quest today to press in for God’s power and choose to come up higher!

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